Emergency Management

ambulance downtownHave you ever heard, “Have a Plan?”  or, “Get Ready?”  Emergency Management ensures Eskenazi Health is ready and has a plan in place should we as a city, state or nation experience a disaster. These plans are put in place so Eskenazi Health can remain open and available to our community during times of crisis. 

What does Eskenazi Health’s Emergency Management team do to help us get ready? 

  • We identify both internal and external hazards.
  • We identify ways to lower threats if possible, and prepare for responding to threats that we can’t control (e.g., tornados, flooding, hazardous materials events, etc.).
  • We train staff on what things they should do during a disaster or emergency.
  • Work with community partners to ensure we are all planning and working together towards a unified response and identifying ways we can share resources when needed.


Important Resources

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