Free Guest Wireless Service

WHS Guest Wireless Wishard patients and visitors are able to access free wireless service while in the Myers Building, Regenstrief Health Center, the Primary Care Center and the Emergency Department waiting room on Wishard’s main campus.

To access the Internet while on campus, patients and guests need to:

  1. Search for available wireless networks on their laptop or wireless device.
  2. Select “WHS-guest” from the list of available networks.
  3. Open their Internet browser of choice.
  4. Read Wishard’s Terms and Conditions that are shared on the homepage and, if they agree to them, select “Accept.”

Please note Wishard’s IS Department will not provide technical support for connection or hardware issues that may arise; guests and patients will have to provide their own wireless device; and Wishard will be able to monitor any Wi-Fi activity and can control when the Internet is available to guests. As with all public wireless networks, users are encouraged to be cautious with what they send over the Internet.