Patient Navigation

Patient Navigation serves new patients and helps guide you through a health care system that can sometimes seem overwhelming. Patient Navigation is at the heart of Wishard’s mission to advocate, care, teach and serve. If you are a new or a referred patient to a primary care physician, you can expect a patient navigator to contact you and help you with the Wishard process.

Who Sees Patient Navigation?

  • New patients
  • Patients who have been discharged from the Emergency Department
  • Patients who have been hospitalized and require primary care follow-ups
  • Patients referred with unique challenges/barriers to care

What to Expect from Patient Navigation

  • A Welcome Letter: Information about your upcoming primary care appointment, including the scheduled time as well as a list of items needed at the appointment.
  • Needs Assessment: Patient Navigation specialists will contact you and find out if there is anything they can do to ensure the success of your appointment. This is also a time where you can reschedule if the appointment no longer works in your schedule.
  • On-Site Meeting: A Patient Navigator will meet you at your appointment and give you a tour of the clinic. You will also receive a new patient packet and learn about the services available to you in the community and at Wishard.

For more information on Patient Navigation, please see the Patient Navigation brochure.

Tired of waiting in the emergency room for something that isn’t an emergency? Become a new Wishard patient. Make your first appointment with a primary care physician through Health Connection and let Patient Navigation take care of the rest.

Contact Us
In order to ensure the comfort of our patients, Patient Navigation conducts scheduled site tours of Wishard’s outpatient locations. To request a tour, please call 630.TOUR (8687). For additional information about the Patient Navigation program or to make a referral, please call Patrick Wooten at 317.630.6143.