When you bring your baby home, you may have questions and concerns about breastfeeding. Click below to view a few common questions and answers to help you during your first few days as a nursing mother.

  • My baby seems to always be hungry. Is this normal?
    Throughout the first several months of a baby’s life he will go through wanting to breastfeed more times than others. Your baby’s need to feed more often is called “growth spurts”. As a rule of thumb babies will experience growth spurts around 7-10 days, 3-6 weeks and 3-6 months.
  • Is my baby eating enough?

    There are ways to determine if your baby is eating enough.

    1. Your baby eats every 1 to 3 hours during the day, and there is no longer than a 5 hour stretch of non-nursing during the night.

    2. Diapers: One wet diaper within 24 hours of delivery. Two on the second day, Three on the third day. Three to four stools a day within the first month.

  • Sore, cracked nipples and blocked ducts. What do I do?

    There should not be pain while breast feeding. Follow these few simple rules to fix the situation.

    1. You’ll be tender for about a week, but any soreness is generally due to improper positioning of your baby. Try moving the baby around, and if the pain continues, contact your lactation consultant.

    2. Improper positioning of your baby, traumatic removal from the breast and excessively dry tissue can all cause cracked nipples. Try repositioning your baby, Make sure your breasts stay clean of the baby’s saliva. Wear breast shells in your bra between feedings.

    3. Block ducts feel like tender pea-sized bumps under your skin. They are caused by a wide variety of factors, but are easily treated. Feed frequently, take a warm shower, hand express or pump after feedings and position your baby so that his chin faces the blockage to maximize suction.

    4. If the blocked duct does not resolve it’s self, contact your physician immediately so it doesn’t become infected.

    5. Consult your lactation specialist for any questions or concerns that you have.


  • Is my baby hungry or full?
     Hungry     Full      
     Falls asleep
     Opens fists
     Turns head from side to side
     Lets go of nipple
     Moves arms and hands towards mouth
     Fussing or fidgeting while sleeping
     Relaxes body/forehead
     Sucks on tongue or lips while sleeping


  • How long can I store breast milk?
     Kind of milk
     Refrigerator Storage
     Freezer Storage
     Expressed  5-7 days in coldest part of freezer        
     3-4 months in back of freezer, 6 months in deep freezer


     Thawed, unopened breast milk is good for 24 hours                    
     Do not refreeze
     If you intend to freeze
       Freeze within 24 hours