Transitional Housing and Shelters

First Home

First Home is a transitional home for homeless individuals 18 and older who have serious and persistent mental illness. Referrals can be made by application from the client’s primary treatment team. Please contact 317.423.7055 for details.

St. Pat’s

St. Pat’s is a time-limited shelter for clients who need housing for 30 days or less. St. Pat’s emphasis is on self-sufficiency and recovery. Entry is on a referral basis. Please contact 317.423.7047 for details.

Homeless Resource Team

The homeless resource team does outreach, case management, medication evaluation and monitoring for adults and youth who experience mental illness and/or addiction and homelessness. The team assists clients with entitlement and housing needs, medication, nursing assessment, community-based care and referrals.

Shelter Plus Care

Shelter Plus Care is a HUD-funded program to house homeless clients with mental illness, addiction or who are HIV positive. Shelter Plus Care at Midtown services adults, families, youth and single adults. SPC is on a referral-based system. Please contact 317.423.7045 for details.

Contact Us
For more information on any Midtown services or programs or to schedule an appointment, please contact Access Services of Midtown Community Mental Health at 317.880.8491.