Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis

The Prevention and Recovery Center for Early Psychosis (PARC) serves Indiana as a center of clinical, research and educational excellence in the treatment of individuals in the early stages of schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses.

Why is Getting Treatment Early so Important?

For many people, schizophrenia develops into a serious, life-long illness. Unfortunately, individuals with schizophrenia may cope with life-disrupting symptoms that lead to hospitalization, social isolation, substance abuse and even suicide. However, research shows that the earlier that people receive effective treatment, the better their chances are of avoiding these negative outcomes.     

During its early stages, schizophrenia can be confused with other mental illnesses. That’s why PARC offers a thorough, comprehensive clinical assessment to individuals with the early signs of psychotic illnesses to help clarify what’s going on.

PARC’s Goals:

  • Help clients develop and maintain strong relationships
  • Promote recovery and prevent relapse
  • Educate patients and families
  • Maintain a link with other health care providers
  • Work to answer research questions that will help individuals with psychotic disorders


Contact Us

For more information on PARC, please call the program at 317.880.8494. For more information on any Midtown services or programs or to schedule an appointment, please contact Access Services of Midtown Community Mental Health at 317.880.8491.