Eskenazi Health Medical-Legal Partnership

Eskenazi Health Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) seeks to address legal issues that affect patient health. By addressing the underlying social factors that many patients face, the MLP contributes to improved health outcomes.

Eskenazi Health MLP began in 2008 and has had well over 700 referrals in the few years it has been in operation. The MLP partners with a law firm and local legal aid organizations to provide free legal services at various Eskenazi Health locations.

Physicians and social workers can incorporate legal services into the patient’s overall treatment plan by referring patients to the MLP. The MLP attorney, certified legal intern, or paralegal will then privately meet with the patient in the comfort of the patient’s health center and provide appropriate advice or representation.

For patients: Please talk with your nurse, doctor or social worker at the one of the designated MLP sites for a referral to the MLP.

For Eskenazi Health nurses, social workers and staff: Please see the Medical-Legal Partnership portal (link is under the Legal portal) on the old Wishard Central.

At Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington, Eskenazi Health Center Pecar, Eskenazi Health Center West 38th Street and Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health, Medical-Legal Partnership offers assistance with:

  • Housing
  • Consumer rights
  • Immigration
  • Family and stability
  • Medicaid Disability benefits
  • Education law

At Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital, the MLP can assist with:

  • Guardianship of incapacitated adults when a family member or friend is available to become the guardian (Level 1 Trauma Center, CYACC, and Acute Care for Elders Unit).
  • Advance care and end of life planning (for Oncology and Richard M. Fairbanks burn patients).

The Eskenazi Health MLP does not assist with divorce proceedings, bankruptcy, criminal defense or personal injury matters


Eskenazi Health MLP Partners

Eskenazi Health's Medical-Legal Partnership is supported by Eskenazi Health, St. Margaret's Hospital Guild, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and United Way of Central Indiana through the Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation.

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Contact Us
For more information, please contact Eskenazi Health MLP Director, Anna Kirkman, at 317.880.4812.