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Eskenazi Health Healthy Me is proud to highlight outstanding Eskenazi Health patients who chose to take charge of their lives and make themselves healthier. These members serve as an inspiration to all Indianapolis residents who are trying to lead healthier lifestyles.

Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - June 2014

mamar“When I started the Healthy Me program, I was eating without any limits, going to restaurants all the time, cooking at home but not watching my portions, and eating and cooking my ethnic food without limitations. I got up to 183lbs. I felt horrible with no energy, but then I saw myself in a picture and I felt very disappointed and angry. I made an appointment with my doctor and he said that I was obese and I had a fatty liver. I got scared and started to change at home by cutting back on portions, and I lost some weight, but then my doctor referred me to Healthy Me where I met with my coach Liz.  We made some small and realistic goals like walking 20 minutes only 2-3 times a week and eating more vegetables. I had appointments with my coach every two weeks, and I was losing weight every time she weighed me. Now I am 130lbs and I feel great and proud of myself, like a new person. Now I exercise every day, watch my portions and add vegetables to my meals. I do eat out sometimes but now I learn to watch how much I can eat. Thank you Healthy Me for your support and words of encouragement!”

- Margarita H., Eskenazi Health West 38th Street (before and after)

May 14 Janet B

Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - May 2014

“I have been in Healthy Me for about seven years now. I am not diabetic, just obese.  Dr. Webber told me I could join a group at Blackburn that could help me lose weight. When I started, I weighed 212 pounds. Now I weigh considerably less. I have been in and out of the program, up and down in my weight, but for the most part I have kept the weight off.  

I have started eating more fruits and vegetables. It really isn’t that hard to eat correctly if you really want to do it. It is a lot easier to do when you have someone to encourage you.  

I have had three coaches, but I keep coming back because I know there is good information and encouragement when I need it the most. The support group and the coaches are what keep me coming back. Even when I beat myself up when I gain one pound, Coach Shameka is so encouraging to me.”

- Janet B., Eskenazi Health Center Blackburn

Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - April 2014

mc“My name is Mary and I’ve been with Healthy Me for 5 years.  I lost about 50 pounds in the first 4 years, but I have hit a snag.  I haven’t lost anything for the past year, but I am maintaining so that’s a good thing.  Before, I could barely walk a block and I was out of shape.  Today, I exercise daily and I walk 3 miles or more, and I don’t even get tired. Thanks to Healthy Me and my coaches, I got my life back. “


Nancy (Coach):  “Since I’ve met Mary she is always talking about her nice summer walks on the canal, and her healthy picnics while listening to music.” 

- Mary C., Eskenazi Health Center Pecar



Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Members - March 2014

Deb: “I looked in the mirror, and I could not stand to see myself anymore – I had to make a change. Healthy Me classes have been so helpful to me. I love the group support, discussion, and I really need that time to keep me motivated. I like that the topics give me perspective on my journey, are relevant to my life, and really show me how to change. I love that this isn’t a diet – it’s a lifestyle! I’ve noticed that I can get up and down the stairs so much faster, and without limping. Also, I ran for the first time in forever! It’s a whole different me!”

Josh: “I knew we had to change after a health scare. I was walking out of work one day and lost all my equilibrium. They said it was possibly a mini-stroke, and we knew something worse would happen if we didn’t change. Now, I love that my clothes are fitting again. I’ve also been able to enjoy fun things in life, like a long bike ride, without feeling out of breath or like I’m going to die.”

afterBoth: “For eating on a budget, we try to buy generic brands that are lower in fat and plan menus each week so that we don’t buy unnecessary items. And we definitely don’t buy the junk food anymore! Also, making a list and sticking to it has helped. We read every label and pay attention to fat and calories – a big change for us! Also, we exercise regularly instead of being couch potatoes. To keep things on budget, we take advantage of free classes at Indy Parks and Healthy Me, and we drive to the PARCS program at George Washington High School rather than pay for a costly gym membership closer to home. We love the way we feel!”

-Deb & Josh W., Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington. In less than three months, Deb lost 8 percent of her starting weight and Josh lost 9 percent.


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Members - February 2014

Congratulations to all who completed the 2013 Eskenazi Health Stride!

 finish line










Thank you to all who attended the 2013 Healthy Me for the Holidays event!

 holiday event



Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - January 2014

“I started the program in 2006 and my lowest weight was 166 pounds. I stayed in the program for almost 7 years, but then I left the program because I had some personal problems. I gained 44 pounds and became a diabetic. I decided to come back because I missed my friends at the support group and my coach Liz Farfan. The support group has helped me so much with their love and understanding and has given me support and encouragement.  I am now 164 pounds and do not have diabetes and I feel great. I am very happy about the changes I made, feeling very healthy and have less stress. I also helped build and take of the gardens at Eskenazi Health Center Westside, and my niece even helped a few times too!  I love the program – coming to support groups makes me feel that I belong to something special. I will not leave the program and I am back to stay!"

- Terri S., Eskenazi Health Center Westside


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - December 2013

"tsI never thought I could lose weight. Even when I lost 10lbs, I never thought I’d get any lower. However, I stuck with it and the weight kept going down. Healthy Me has helped me push and keep on track. The coach meetings and phone calls let me know that they really care about me. This made me realize I had to put in my own effort and integrity for weight loss. Healthy Me also gave me the exercise resources I needed. I exercise at Windsor Village Park and at George Washington High School. You can get really serious with the trainers at GWHS! They have all the equipment and will really push you. Even though I have arthritis and need both elbows and both knees replaced, they helped me exercise. I have goals for physical activities that I want to be able to do. 

I really changed my eating habits, too. Instead of eggs and bacon for breakfast, I have oatmeal, toast, or whole-grain cereal. I stay away from fried foods. I’ve added a lot of fish and vegetables into my diet. I started my own garden, and I had more vegetables than I could eat over the summer. The garden is also good exercise – I will work out there the whole day.

I feel so much better. Going up and down the basement stairs is easier. I sleep better, too! I’m always pushing, always trying to do more to be healthier. I’m going need a whole new pants wardrobe!"

- Tony S., Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington


jmFeatured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - November 2013

I, Joey McCowan, would like to say that I really enjoy the Healthy Me Program and my wellness coach, Rachel.  Without her and God I don’t think I could do this wholeheartedly. I was 200 pounds in 2012. I am now 183 pounds. WOW! I FEEL SO GOOD! I feel like a million bucks! This has shown me how to have self-control, and it has changed my life. So the program really works, if you put your mind to it and utilize the resources that are offered. You definitely have to be willing to put in the work. Because I made that commitment to myself, I now have more energy to where I can walk about a mile every day compared to the beginning where just thinking about exercise or even walking alone wore me out! Because of all these positive changes, my health is also getting better each and every day it seems, and I also have so much more energy than what I did before I started the Healthy Me program.

I would like to thank the Healthy Me program for all the encouragement and support that I have received in my journey to a healthier me, and I strongly encourage people to try this program if you feel you have an extra few pounds to shed and want to become a healthier you! Having higher self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth has made a world of difference to me!  I know that I can do anything I truthfully put my mind to!

- Joey M., Eskenazi Health Center Forest Manor


Featured Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington Healthy Me Support Groups - October 2013

NA am“Healthy Me has taught me…”

“Losing weight and keeping it off is so much more than just going on a diet. The hardest part has been to learn to love myself enough to want a healthier, better life for myself. That was the only way I could keep the motivation.” – Debbie J.

“I can do activities that I would have never thought possible for me. The encouragement from my coach is beyond words.” – Kristen R.

“Just a half hour of exercise every day makes a huge difference for weight loss and, more importantly, it helps my mind by making the day go better, feeling better all over and staying positive!” – Caroline B.

na pm“…how to work through the pain by walking five days a week.” - Robin M. 

“…if all else fails, try, try, try again.” - Bonnie F.

“…to make a dramatic change in my life as far as weight loss and my health issues. I have lost 75 pounds, and my A1C and blood pressure are down too!” – Karen M.

“Being in this group has not only helped me to lose the weight, but the program offers a lot of encouragement without being judgmental. It has become like a family to me with all the friends I’ve made.” – Yvonne M.


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Members - September 2013

wsThese Garden Club members worked hard in May to build and plant the gardens, and they have been harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, squash, herbs and more all summer long! Thanks also for the generous funding provided by the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation and St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild.



Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Members - August 2013

walkCongratulations to this amazing group of walkers who challenged themselves by walking for an hour at our annual Eskenazi Health Healthy Me “A Little Spring in Your Step” walk in May!

We had 89 walkers of all ages who completed 747 laps total (548 laps by Healthy Me patients and 199 laps by their guests). That’s over 186 miles and an average of more than eight laps (two miles) per person!

Everyone who attended received a T-shirt, many won door prizes and all had a sense of accomplishment. We are so proud of you!



carmelFeatured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - July 2013

I went to the doctor for a check-up, and I knew I had gained weight and needed to lose. I didn’t need my doctor to tell me - I knew what to do, but I had gotten lazy. I remember the day she and I spoke – it was a Friday in September. The following Monday, I started by cutting back my portions.

I used the trainers at George Washington Community High School gym. I didn’t know how to work the whole body. They gave me workouts and showed me what to do. Now, I walk 2 miles first thing in the morning. I practice portion control and moderation – like when I want a treat, I follow the serving size for some cookies and only eating them on occasion. I enjoy coming to class and hearing what other people are doing and getting new information every week.

I feel good, and everyone notices that I’ve lost weight. I tell everyone it’s the program I am doing!

I’m excited for summer, to show off my muscles and to look better in my old clothes. Young girls won’t have much on me!

-Carmel R. has lost 20 pounds with Eskenazi Health HealthyMe at Eskenazi Health Center Cottage Corner and Eskenazi Health Center Grassy Creek


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Eskenazi Health Center Pecar Support Group - June 2013

Pec“I started HealthyMe at 354.2 pounds. Now I am at 308 pounds. It was not easy at all. When I first started, I could hardly walk or bend over without losing my balance, and my knees hurt so badly. I could hardly walk from my front door to the sidewalk, which was about 20 steps. I could not go up and down the stairs or walk half a mile. My coach Liz stayed right there with me, encouraging me when I didn’t feel like going on. The group also helped me, and we encouraged each other on the way. I thank God for HealthyMe, Liz my coach and the group. Now, I can walk a mile or more and go up and down the stairs. We are a close-knit family in our group, and we care about each other. We want everyone to make it and they can. We can’t give up!”     - Margaret R., Eskenazi Health Center Pecar

“I started in March 2012. I weighed 228 lbs. Now I weigh 198 lbs. The support group has been very supportive to keep me going. Since I have lost weight, I have more energy and I feel so much better. I walk more and eat healthier.”     - Regina D., Eskenazi Health Center Pecar


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - May 2013

may“For years, while I was taking care of everyone else except myself, I gained so much weight. I tried to pretend that it didn’t bother me the way I looked and the way I felt. I had low self-esteem; I had given up on trying to lose weight; I felt like I was hopeless; and I was getting bigger and bigger. At my biggest weight, I was 288 pounds. My back and knees really hurt from my arthritis. I couldn’t walk around the block without having to stop to rest. I would be out of breath. So I talked to my doctor and asked about Wishard’s weight loss program. She gave me a referral to the HealthyMe program to see Coach Liz. I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical, but I went in with an open mind. I started changing what I was eating by taking away certain foods and replacing them with healthier choices and smaller portions, which has really helped me. I tried to work out every day. By making these changes, I started dropping the pounds. When I go to support groups, they make me feel more optimistic. Liz makes you feel so good about successes and gives good tips that I follow every day. I’ve gone from a size 24 to size 12! I had never worn a size 12 in my life! Thanks to the HealthyMe program and my coach Liz Farfan for the much needed support. I am going to stay in this program as long as I can. God bless.”

- Kimberly H., Eskenazi Health Center Westside


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - April 2013

apr 13

“A couple years ago I went to my doctor for a checkup. I was concerned about high blood pressure, swelling in my legs and diabetes. I had no energy, I was in constant pain and I could barely lift my legs because they hurt from the swelling. My doctor told me I was a pre-diabetic and I needed to lose weight. At the time, I thought it was the end of the world! But then I realized I better listen to my doctor and to my body – it was trying to tell me something and I previously was not listening, but I decided to make some changes!

At the time, I did not have anyone to teach me how to lose weight, so my doctor referred me to the HealthyMe program and the dietitian. I cut back on greasy foods, fried foods, sodium and Pepsi. I switched from white bread and white rice to wheat bread and brown rice. I used to be so tired after work, but now I have so much extra energy that I can walk for three hours! My blood sugars now stay around 106. My swelling is gone, I can walk without pain and my clothes have started falling off of me! My weight is still going down, and I don’t want to go back to that body again, no more!”

- Elois M., Eskenazi Health Center North Arlington


mar 13Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - March 2013

“What I realized since I started the HealthyMe program is that there’s so much more to life and health than just focusing on food. I greatly enjoy the classes and my fellow HealthyMe classmates, since they are easy to talk to and it is a privilege to meet new people going through something similar as I am. Besides just talking about what is good for our bodies, such as healthy food and exercise, I have learned to also start liking myself more and to allow my positive qualities to shine. That has been a huge help in my progress toward better health, to learn to love myself as I am and believe in yourself that you can do anything that you truly put your mind to. 

Be strong and stay positively focused. Do not get upset about your weight going up and down, for it happens. When you get frustrated, as I definitely have at times, that’s when you talk to your coach for positive feedback. My coach Rachel gave me the positive support that I needed to not give up and keep pushing forward. I want to thank my coach and my classmates for being there for me and always encouraging me to be the best that I can be. I highly recommend the HealthyMe program to everyone who really feels they need that extra push to stay on that healthy track. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. 

- Sonja H., Eskenazi Health Center Blackburn


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - February 2013

feb 13“I had given up on weight loss. I thought, ‘Oh well, I’m going to be overweight and stay that way until I die.’ When the doctor told me I was borderline diabetic all that changed. I’ve watched my mother deal with diabetes, and I thought, ‘I cannot do that – I gotta do something.’ I met first with the registered dietitian at Grassy Creek, Jocelyn. She taught me about portion control and healthy food choices. She recommended the HealthyMe program.

Being accountable has been the most helpful thing for me, and having to check in keeps me on-track. My favorite things about the program are my coach, Chrissy, and going to support group. It is helpful to share what you are experiencing and to hear others share similar experiences – you know that it’s normal and that you are not alone. I especially enjoy cooking class!

The biggest changes I’ve made are with portion control and stopping the snacks. I went from eating whenever I felt like it to three meals a day. At first, I used frozen healthy meals to get the portions right, but I know now how to cook the right portion. When I want to cheat, I tell myself how good it will feel next week when I get on the scale and it’s gone down even more.

Don’t give up! Tell yourself you can change and keep doing it. Even when the weight comes off slowly, it’s still coming off. I haven’t had my follow-up yet to find out if I’m still borderline diabetic. I know I’ve lost the minimum amount of weight to make a difference, I have more energy, and my self image has improved a lot, too. I know its working – I’ve lost 30 lb. in three months.

- Tammy G., Grassy Creek Health Center


CoachesFeatured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Coaches - January 2013

“I exercise 4 – 6 days per week, almost always first thing in the morning before work so I have energy for the day and I know that it’s complete! I eat breakfast every day, drink water or add a sugar-free drink mix, have mostly fruit and almonds for snacks, and eat moderate portions so I can also enjoy a mini sweet treat!” – Lisa

“I make exercise (weight lifting, kickboxing or yoga are my favorites!) a priority first thing in the morning – it helps energize me and keeps me focused. My main beverage of choice is simple water. I try to view food as simply nutritious ‘fuel’ for my body. I do splurge, but only when I really want to. I also stick to a strict sleep schedule; don't be surprised to find me in bed by 9:30 p.m.!" – Katie

“I love to cook, try new things and even indulge on occasion, but I make sure to get in my servings of fruits and vegetables every day, even when I don't feel like it. I also believe exercise is the best medicine. When I'm tired or have a bad day, exercise is the best remedy. When I don't feel like working out, I tell myself just to try for 20 minutes. I usually find that I can do more, and I end up feeling great!” – Chrissy

“I encourage myself to be active on most days of the week. I drink at least 4 cups of water a day, and I allow myself one diet soda a day. I do not eat fried foods often, I make sure I eat breakfast every morning, and I limit the amount of sweets that I have. I get at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep in a night which helps me stay on track tremendously! Balance is my key to regulating all aspects of my health mentally, nutritiously and physically!” – Rachel

“I exercise about 5 – 6 days a week, and on my days that I don’t exercise I take a walk or simply relax on the coach and watch a good movie. And sometimes I get my Hawaiian pizza, which is my favorite. In my exercise routines I like variety – I mix spinning and strength training. I love to workout because it helps me to relax. I look forward to eating my oatmeal for breakfast, and I try to keep eating my veggies during the week.” – Liz


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - December 2012

Dec 12 Quafe R“I went to see my doctor because I was feeling tired, had pain in my arms and legs and also had sharp chest pains. My self-esteem was very low because I couldn’t buy clothes anymore or be with my friends. I made an appointment at the Westside clinic with the wellness coach Liz, and I met her and I made small goals to start changing my bad habits. When I started the program I weighed 208 pounds. One of my goals was to eat less of my ethnic food. I was still enjoying my food that I was preparing at home. I kept walking every day, and now I am 138 pounds - I have lost 70 pounds.

I am so happy because I was size 16 and now I am size 6, and I will never go back! And now I enjoy shopping with my friends and buying the clothes that I want. I have more energy, and I am very happy because I did not take any weight loss pills to lose all this weight. I did it with the help of my coach Liz, who encouraged me and kept me coming to see her every month for weigh-ins. Thank you HealthyMe for giving me my life back. I love the way I look!!!”

- Quafae R., Westside Health Center


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - November 2012

Nov 12"I started my new journey in life in January 2010. I kept asking my doctor over and over to start me on diet pills or see about me getting some kind of surgery, and he would always say I could lose the weight myself. I was at my breaking point. I couldn't take the weight any longer, so my doctor made me an appointment with the wellness coach (Katie), and I started checking in once a month for six months. I didn't take losing weight seriously until I woke up one day and told myself, 'Donna, you can do this with some willpower!' On July 1, 2010, my whole life changed for the better - I gave up the things in food I loved so much, like pop, sweets, fast food and salt.  I started reading food labels. I started walking a lot more and working out whenever I wasn't working.

Nov 12 afterI'm only halfway through my journey - I started at 448 pounds. I now weigh 343 pounds, and my goal is to lose 230 pounds total! I refuse to look back at 448 ever again! It's goodbye to my past, and hello to my bright and healthy future! I want to give a huge thanks to God, my mother and father, Katie Potter (my wellness coach), sisters, brothers, Rachel (my client), and all my friends for all the great support you have given me along the way. It has not been easy at all, and I thank you all for keeping the faith in me. Without y'all, God and willpower, I don't know where I would be in my life today. Again, thanks so much - it's a wonderful feeling knowing I have so many people who love or care about me!"

- Donna P., North Arlington Health Center (picture on top is Donna P. before, picture below is Donna P. 105 pounds lighter!)


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - October 2012

"Oct 12Before I joined the HealthyMe program, I really didn’t know how to get up out of bed to learn how to lose weight. I was depressed and discouraged. But then I went to my doctor, and she said it was time for me to lose some weight. So she got me a referral for the HealthyMe program. When I started HealthyMe I met my coach Rachel. She helped me understand the different ways that could help me lose weight and not to be discouraged if the weight didn’t come off quickly, to just give it time and my best try, one day at a time. 

So once I started the program, I found myself very motivated. I started getting up early in the morning, eating the right foods, got off of fried foods, and cut back on the sweets. I started losing weight almost like 2 pounds every week, which may not seem like a lot, but it meant a lot to me. I know the weight is coming off and what I’m doing is actually working!!!!! 

I used to be scared because I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was working or not. But now that I see that my efforts are working and the weight is coming off, I don’t feel depressed anymore. I now run every morning with my husband (Devon) - I’m excited about exercising because at first I didn’t like exercising, but now there’s no way you can get me to stop! So that’s what I’ve become – a lover of exercise! 

And where I’m at now, I know I will only keep moving forward, knowing what I need to do to reach my health goals – and every day I will keep pushing myself – EVERY DAY! What motivates me the most now is that my husband has also joined the HealthyMe program and together we walk daily and exercise. The exercise boosts our energy even when we feel down. And the best part is that we are losing weight together. There is definitely one thing that I can say – HealthyMe has brought Devon and I closer together in more than one way. Thank you HealthyMe!"

- Mary L., Blackburn Health Center (pictured with husband Devon)


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - September 2012Sept 12 Rofelina S

"Our lifestyle can be our biggest enemy if we don't make the best of it. The commodities that we have now are slowly deteriorating our health, from the convenient drive-thrus at restaurants, banks, and even pharmacies to the broad means of communication.

I am part of the HealthyMe program at Wishard. Since I became a member in December 2011, I have lost over 20 pounds. I feel healthier and more optimistic about life overall. I have learned not to indulge in the commodities that are really more like a slow, sure path to an endless number of illnesses.

In working for Health Connection, I was faced with the reality of most employees in health care - we care for the health of others not realizing that we first need to care for ourselves.  However, since our department got a new treadmill workstation, I have been walking on it 1-2 hours every day while I'm working. I also park my car as far from the destination as possible, and I have reduced my portions and sugar consumption by 50 percent.

I strongly suggest that we start paying attention to the commodities around us that serve no benefit to our health. Also, make the best of what you have, and try not to let your job be an obstacle!"

- Rofelina S., Wishard Hospital


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - August 2012

"August 12 Mary MI've changed my attitude toward exercise and food since I started the HealthyMe program. I look at everything differently now.  I met with Liz Farfan, my coach, and Monica, the dietitian. They were very nice and encouraging, and they made me feel comfortable, and that was a big part of my commitment.  Liz helped me set my goals to eat healthy and exercise. She encouraged me and guided me each week to ensure that I was sticking to and achieving my goals. I had my setbacks, but thanks to Liz pushing, encouraging, and believing in me, I was able to succeed!

I've been in the program almost a year, and I lost a total of 17 pounds and stuck to my goals! To date, I am still exercising every day about 30 minutes a day, and I have changed my eating habits. This program changed my life tremendously. I changed my lifestyle. I also want to thank my daughter who has supported me in making changes. She walks with me and eats healthy foods too, and I am very proud of her!"

- Mary M., Westside Health Center


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - July 2012

July 12 Michelle B"Spring of 2011, I looked up and noticed I was wearing a 22 jean, the biggest I've ever been. I was out of shape, and I wasn't eating right, nor was I getting the amount of exercise I needed daily. Getting the referral from my doctor to join HealthyMe was and is the best decision I've made on my own that involves my health. HealthyMe has changed my life by assisting me in healthy, nutritious habits, daily exercise, and activity involvement, and also with facts about my body and health that will allow me to continue to be a better me.

HealthyMe has me working my way back down to my ideal weight and the support from my coach, Katie Potter, and various HealthyMe members is just what I need to continue to stay focused. HealthyMe isn't just about eating right, exercising, or support, but it is also about goals that you set for yourself, goals that are reachable.  The biggest changes I've made since participating in HealthyMe are: losing 25-30 pounds and also reducing the amount of unhealthy snacks I eat (e.g. chips, candy, cakes, cookies, etc.). Staying fit is hard work and definitely takes effort, patience, and dedication.  I'm glad to be a part of a program that has my health at its best interest."

- Michelle B., North Arlington and Grassy Creek health centers


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - June 2012

Carter S"Due to HealthyMe, I reached my first 5 percent weight loss goal!

While I seem to be currently on a plateau, I know it's only temporary because many of the people in our support group have dealt with it and overcome it with endurance and a positive attitude.  Even with the relatively small weight loss, I've lost two pants sizes, and my insulin dose went from over 100 units per day to 0 units per day!

Carter and JoannJoanne (another Forest Manor HealthyMe participant) and I are a 'team within a team'. We encourage and monitor each other between support group meetings which keeps our motivation higher with the extra external push.  Programs such as HealthyMe, and having a good coach, are invaluable aids in the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve better eating and exercise habits.

To our coach Rachel, and the other coaches, thank you for all you do!  We know your job isn't always easy, but believe me, it's important to many people."

- Carter S., Forest Manor Health Center


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - May 2012

Norma W May testimonial"In the summer of 2011, my weight was at an all-time high.  My doctor had recommended medication for my high cholesterol, and I was looking to one of those decade birthdays.  I realized it was time for a change - change in eating habits and exercise.  The opportunity to participate in HealthyMe (formerly Take Charge Lite) was available and it sounded like the right approach to help me make changes in eating and exercise.  I now have 'good numbers' related to my cholesterol level, I exercise regularly and I'm near my goal weight.

Lisa's coaching has been important as she helped me set and then recognize many little goals along the way: weight loss (actual numbers, percentages, BMI), changes in exercise (new exercise and amount) and changes (improvement) in lab levels.  I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in HealthyMe!  I have learned new eating patterns and engaged in more intense exercise.  Lisa's enthusiasm for rowbics (stationary rowing) helped as I struggled in the early weeks of that - it's hard work!  While I chose rowbics, Lisa explained that it's a total workout, and I'm fortunate to have a place to participate in it."

- Norma W., Wishard Hospital


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - April 2012

April 2012 Angela S"Hi, my name is Angela, and I used to eat junk food from the vending machine all the time, at work and at school. It was a habit for me. I was not eating my meals and only having snacks all day. I knew it was not healthy, but I couldn't help it. I was frustrated because I wanted to lose weight, but I did not see any quick results. I think it was because I was not putting in my 100 percent!  Changing my habits has been a challenge for me, but now I feel so happy because I see so many results. I have more energy, feel happy, and my clothes fit. I have lost 23 pounds. I don't feel the stress I had once. This journey has been hard BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. It's just one more step in my life to get healthy. Thank you HealthyMe for the everyday support I had with my coach Liz."

- Angela S., Blackburn Health Center


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - March 2012

Valerie afterValerie before"Hi, my name is Valerie. I started getting serious about losing weight in 2010. Since joining the program, I've lost 70 pounds! It hasn't been easy, but I've been determined. I wanted to lose weight because I was not comfortable and felt disgusted with myself. Plus, I have 10 grandkids that I need to be active with! At first, I had no motivation or enthusiasm. But I realized that if I really wanted to lose weight and be healthier, I would need to ask God for help & if I fully trusted Him, then He would give me the strength if I put forth the effort. I would recommend making changes gradually, like I did. I started off walking just one mile three times a week.  Now I can walk three miles multiple times a week! Now, the more exercise I do, the more energy I have! I also limit sweets and fried foods and instead shop for foods that won't hurt my body. The other day, I ate an orange bell pepper with fat-free dressing for a snack - that's something I never thought I would do, but now I enjoy it! The support groups are a great help to me too. Sometimes I don't feel good or feel like coming, but I know the group will help me after I go. If you want to be healthier and lose weight then ask God for help, make gradual changes, and trust and believe in your heart that you can!"

- Valerie D., Grassy Creek Health Center (picture on left is Valerie D before,  picture on right is Valerie D. 68 pounds lighter!)


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - February 2012


"Hi!  My name is Alan. I have been a part of the HealthyMe program for one year now. I had my ups and downs, frequently being tempted to go astray, but I finally made my goal of 20 pounds off and have kept if off. I enjoyed eating a lot of fruits and salads which made me healthier. It was worth the time and trouble, and it worked out to my advantage. I am truly grateful for this program and my personal coach, Rachel. Just as my coach is terrific, so is the program!"

- Alan D., Forest Manor Health Center


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - January 2012

Brenda"Hello my name is Brenda! I have been with Take Charge Lite (HealthyMe) since 2007. I have had the up-and-down weight. But Lisa has always encouraged me to find out what I was doing wrong. I was taking classes and getting home late, so my workout plan had stopped and my eating habits had changed. But I started eating much healthier, going to Zumba classes, and walking on other days. So I might say I’m feeling better and losing more weight. I already lost over 27 pounds in 2011 and met my goal that I started with! But I still plan to lose about 20 more pounds, then I will stop and maintain. Thank you!"

-  Brenda D., Wishard Hospital 


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Members - December 2011

maria & nestor"Hello my name is Maria, and this is my son Nestor."

Maria: "I have changed my attitude towards exercise and food since I started in the HealthyMe program. I looked at the world differently, now I am more motivated to change since my son is changing too. I am watching my food portions and go to the gym at Manual, and since then my sugar levels are better. I have lost 10 lbs so far but I am still losing more because I feel GREAT! I want to give advice to all mothers: Do not give up telling your kids to change—one day you will see the results, I am living it now!"

Nestor: "So far I have lost 15 lbs, but now I feel more motivated than ever! I love this feeling and I want to continue losing more weight! In the beginning, I did not listen to my mother when she was telling me to change! Now I do, eating smaller portions and healthier eating and going to the gym with my MOM, and it has been a different experience for me. I really love it! I want to thank HealthyMe for your support and encouragement! Keep changing lives!!!!"

- Maria and Nestor S., Westside Health Center


Featured Eskenazi Health Healthy Me Member - November 2011

youletta - healthyme member"Hi, my name is Youletta. I have been in HealthyMe since January 2010, and as of October 2011, I have lost 85 pounds! Still a ways to go to meet my goal weight. When I started this program I did not want it to be like going on a 'diet.' I wanted it to be a 'life change.' I was a fan of cakes, cookies and candy. Now I am a fan of fruits and vegetables. As I lost the weight, I also lost the high blood pressure, the diabetes, and I also had a heart problem. I no longer take any medicine for health problems. I no longer have health problems! I have more energy to walk and exercise. I have to thank God for bringing me to this program. Thank you Katie, my coach, and thank you Wishard for having this program!"

- Youletta T., North Arlington Health Center

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