What Happens After a Transition Visit?

girl in wheelchair talking to boy

We will create several documents with you:

  • Portable Medical Summary - This summary lists important information to bring to other doctor appointments, like contact information, medications, other doctors you see and a health history. If you are planning to see a new doctor, bringing your portable medical summary with you to the appointment will be a big help.
  • Transition Plan - This is a list of your goals for becoming an adult along with suggestions about next steps you can be trying.

After a visit, the team will discuss all the info we collected to mail out your portable medical summary and transition plan. These will come within one month of your visit. Please let us know if any information needs to be changed. We can update and send the portable medical summary and transition plan to your primary doctor and any other doctor that you wish.

A care coordinator (nurse or social worker) will follow up with you. They will help you work on reaching your goals. Further appointments may be scheduled with the CYACC clinic as you continue through the transition process (usually once a year).