Additional Transition Resources

studentsHere are some other documents that may be useful: 

  • If you would like to explain to your doctors the things that make it easier for you to cooperate in a visit, use this form: I Would Like To... 
  • If you are a person who has trouble telling doctors what is wrong, you may benefit from using this form that explains how you look and feel when you are well or ill: DisDAT 
  • Self-Management Quiz - This will help you think of how you manage your own health.
  • Living Daily for Persons with Disabilities - Ways to make day-to-day living easier with persons with disabilities.

    Links to other community resources for persons with disabilities:

    Social Security Administration

    Hoosier Healthwise

    Family Helpline

    Children’s Special Health Care Services

    Community Health Centers

    Council of Mental Health Centers

    Indiana Institute on Disability & Community

    Division of Disabilities, Aging and Rehabilitative Services

    Independent Living Centers of Indiana

    Vocational Rehabilitation

    Governor’s Planning Council for Persons with Disabilities

    ARC of Indiana

    Department of Education - Special Education

    Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services

    Indiana Justice Center


    About Special Kids (ASK)

    Information & Referral Network


    Family Voices of Indiana

    Child Care Answers

    Central Indiana First Steps

    PCP Healthcare Toolkit for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities