Eskenazi Health Haven of Hope

The Smith Level I Shock Trauma Center at Eskenazi Health serves more than just patients from the Marion County area. They serve the aunt that drove four hours to be with her only nephew. They serve the grandparents that flew from their extended vacation to be with their grandchild. The Haven of Hope was created just for families.

Haven of Hope roomEstablished in March 2009, the Eskenazi Health Haven of Hope program is a rest center for families of critically injured trauma patients who are treated at Eskenazi Health. Haven of Hope can assist as many as three families at a time by providing sleeping arrangements, food preparation, and bathing and laundry facilities to those who find themselves travelling a significant distance to be present with loved ones.

Since opening, Haven of Hope has served nearly 200 family members from outside of Marion County who desire to be close to their loved ones during a significant hospitalization but who lack the means or ability to secure lodging with family, friends or a hotel.

The program is funded by a generous grant from the St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild as well as by donations from families and community members.



Contact Us
For more information on the Haven of Hope program, please contact the Spiritual Care Office at 317.880.7120 or email Father Rob Lyons.