Community Outreach

The Smith Level I Shock Trauma Center at Eskenazi Health is dedicated to educating the community to help prevent avoidable injuries.

Distracted, Excessive Speeding, Aggressive and DUI Driving (D.E.A.D.)

The D.E.A.D. Driving Project is directed toward people who have been ordered to appear before a court for a moving violation or DUI. Participants hear a 30-minute presentation with statistics related to motor vehicle crashes from distracted drivers, those using excessive speed, those driving aggressively and those driving under the influence. Participants also watch a video made by people involved with crashes due to the aforementioned circumstances.

Ride Your Bike

The Ride Your Bike initiative program promotes bicycle safety to the Eskenazi Health community. Topics discussed include rules of the road and learning about appropriate riding gear. Eskenazi Health staff members distribute information to patients waiting at the community health centers on a weekly basis from April to August.

Emergency Nurses Cancel Alcohol Related Emergencies (ENCARE)

Eskenazi Health's injury prevention coordinator visits junior high and high schools in the Indianapolis area to present seminars on alcohol-related accidents and improper use of seat belts. According to recent surveys, alcohol and other drug use continue to be a major problem among teenagers, and, only through a multi-pronged approach, including education and enforcement, will we be able to prevent this abuse.

Alcohol Intervention

The faculty of the Smith Level I Shock Trauma Center have partnered with physicians of Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health to develop a protocol to evaluate the effectiveness of brief interventions in changing drinking patterns in high-risk drinkers following admission to the trauma service.

Contact Us
For more information about these community outreach programs, please call the Smith Level I Shock Trauma Center at 317.880.5072.